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All about me

'The best presentation we have had in our health education programme'

ME Text stands for Menstrual Health and Endometriosis. ME Text is a well-health secondary school education program. It’s unique, interactive, fun, informative and designed to fit with school curriculum. ME Text is age appropriate and uses a variety of teaching strategies, presenting techniques and educational tools to evoke thinking and action. 

Endometriosis New Zealand has built strong relationships with secondary schools through delivering ME Text since 1995. The program is highly acclaimed, well audited and evaluated and recognised internationally. In 2007, ME Text was a finalist in the NZ Health Innovation Awards and received the Paul Newman Foundation Award. 

The ME Text progrmme is now published in ANZJOG (Australia New Zealand Journal of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The study, "Endometriosis education in schools: A New Zealand model examining the impact of an education program in schools on early recognition of symptoms suggesting endometriosis" by Bush. D., Brick. E., East, M C., Johnson N. (2017) is the first piece of literature globally which examines the outcome of a health education programme in schools and assesses whether it makes a difference. 

Information for schools...

Did you know?

  • Endometriosis is known to affect 1 in 10 girls and women
  • 27% of girls aged 13-18 years are absent from school because of distressing symptoms relating to their period
  • It still takes 8+ years to get a diagnosis from first presenting with symptoms.
  • Early intervention and treatment is essential
  • Menstrual disorders in teenagers can have a significant physical, emotional and psychological impact on their health and seriously compromise schooling, quality of life and future fertility.

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What students said (examples of feedback from 2016/2017)

  • "Considering the fact I've never heard of endometriosis, this presentation pretty much game me all the knowledge I needed to know about this." -Female
  • "Your presentation is awesome, and game me better insight into what endometriosis is" -Male
  • "I learnt not to be afraid to talk about it!" -Female
  • “I think it is great we are being told about endo. THere must be so many girls with distressing pains and other symptoms who think what they are feeling is normal that are being helped by this program!” -Female
  • “I think it is a really valuable presentation. It should come to every school every year. Everyone should know about endometriosis” -Female

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What teachers said (examples of feedback from 2016/2017)

  • "Very important and insightful for the students to listen to. I think you provide a really important service to our young people. Thank you"
  • "Excellent delivery and engaging for both/all genders which is fantastic -  as often just 'females' see the need to know this content."
  • "The presenter was amazing! The kids really loved it and it was super informative. Students came up afterwards to say thanks and that they are going to their Doctor to get checked"
  • "It empowers the girls who live with the stigma of the disease and helps them in their relationships. It shows the girls and staff how to identify the symptoms of endometriosis. Those delivering the programme are very approachable so that girls do not feel too embarrassed to ask for help. It creates a community of support for them at home and school, involving their peers who are not affected"
  • Your presentation was amazing. I know from discussions from students and from what I saw you were informative, professional and were able to develop an immediate rapport with the year 11 girls. A fantastic presentation that I would highly recomment to all schools. Thank you for making time to come visit us."


Questions school teachers usually want to know:

  • How long does the me presentation take? 
    Approximately one 45 – 60 minute session to fit with your school timetable. ME Text can be adapted to suit other situations such as health days or assemblies. 
  • What do schools need to provide?
    A projector for the powerpoint presentation. Speakers that connect to a laptop if available.
  • What size audience is best? 
    ME Text presenters are professionally trained and can adapt to any size group from small class to a full assembly of the whole school
  • Who is the me programme for?
     ME Text is suitable for students in years 10 – 13 (14 – 18 year olds). ENZ caters for everyone, and some co-ed schools opt to include male students. 
  • What about the school health curriculum? 
    ME Text integrates into the following strands specifically targeting achievement objectives across a variety of levels.
    • Personal Health and Physical Development
    • Healthy Communities and Environment. 
  • What is the cost?
    Endometriosis NZ actively seeks funding to deliver the programme, however ENZ is a charity and a koha (donation) to our organisation is appreciated.
  • Where is me available? 
    ME Text
     can be made available in any school throughout New Zealand. To organise ME Text in your school and find out about costs, contact the ENZ office. ME Text can be transported worldwide with resources and training made available. Take action for your school now.



On request, ENZ can provide:

  • Ongoing support in schools if required
  • One on one counselling or advice to girls needing more help
  • Presentations to school staff, school health nurses and parents
  • Age appropriate activities and workshops through its support networks


Pre-Booking Information – Please read and accept before continuing:

Endometriosis NZ is fortunate in having educators and advisors who are trained and well informed in the understanding, treatment, management and evidence based self-management of endometriosis and pelvic pain. Your ENZ educator / advisor is happy to listen to you and discuss treatment and management options in the hope that they can help you find the treatment path which best suit you and that matters to you.

We can provide education and well-health coaching to girls and women. ENZ educators and advisors are not doctors or nurses and are not trained counsellors. Please note that the service does not take the place of a consultation with a registered doctor or health professional.