Dance For Me

“Advances in science, knowledge and understanding are dramatically improving treatment and management but we now also know the importance of exercise to health and wellbeing. We understand pain pathways can be reversed and relieved with the addition of exercise and we understand that fun can make the world of difference to attitude and wellbeing. Exercise is the best non-drug treatment for pain. Dance is life enhancing and celebratory.  We’ve been asking women we see whether dance would be an exercise they would like to do. We have noticed their eyes light up, smiles appear and we’ve witnessed excitement about the opportunity. “            Deborah Bush, 2013

DANCE FOR ME has been endorsed by:

RNZB     Danz


Endometriosis New Zealand launched DANCE FOR ME for women who experience pain and wish to make positive changes to their lives through dance as an exercise of choice.

DANCE FOR ME is an initiative (rather than a specific programme) which dance teachers can integrate into any of their classes covering any dance genre.

This initiative is currently on hold until further funding becomes available.

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Endometriosis NZ is fortunate in having educators and advisors who are trained and well informed in the understanding, treatment, management and evidence based self-management of endometriosis and pelvic pain. Your ENZ educator / advisor is happy to listen to you and discuss treatment and management options in the hope that they can help you find the treatment path which best suit you and that matters to you.

We can provide education and well-health coaching to girls and women. ENZ educators and advisors are not doctors or nurses and are not trained counsellors. Please note that the service does not take the place of a consultation with a registered doctor or health professional.