Monday, 1 May, 2017 12:00

Emma Brown, Variety Concert in Timaru

Venue: TBC

Introducing Emma Brown!

Emma is a remarkable 16 year old girl from Timaru who had an amazing idea to get the 'me' programme to her school so her friends could learn more about endometriosis! She organised a variety concert in order to raise enough money to achieve this goal.

Emma has written a small piece on her motivation and results of the concert; 

On the 8th of March, 2017 I held a variety concert to raise money for Endometriosis NZ's 'me' programme starting at my school and, if I raised enough money, to all the other secondary schools in Timaru. This has been an idea of mine since I was diagnosed with endometriosis two years ago and as I learnt more about this disease I realised how important it was that all young girls and women are aware of this because not many do. 

I get so many questions about endometriosis and it's symptoms. At times it is upsetting to hear them ask because I want everyone to have an understanding of this disease and how it affects those who have it, because it is without a doubt a a very heartbreaking disease to deal with. 

The variety concert was very successful, we raised $1300 including donations, tickets, and all those who brought goodie bags on the night. I was overwhelmed with this response and all the positive comments and donations I have recieved since my concert.  I'm very thankful for Endometriosis NZ for helping me make my concert possible, and to everyone who has supported me in the process of getting the 'me' programme down to Timaru, Thank You!

Since the variety concert Emma has now raised near to $2500 for Endometriosis New Zealand which will allow the 'me' programme to not only visit her school but many other schools in the Timaru area! 

Such a fabulous result Emma!

We are extremely greatful for the time and effort Emma has put in to make this happen! 

Emma Brown Variety Concert

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